What is Climap?

Climap is an online interactive visualizer to predict how climate change will impact the world. Current trends indicate a rise in both global temperatures and pollution, specifically greenhouse gases within the next couple of decades.

User Guide

You can try out our map under the explore section of our website. Because much of this is thought to be caused by human activities, we have overlayed human population density on top of the map. Drag the slider at the bottom of the screen to view predictions of future greenhouse gas levels in varying countries around the world.

You can try it out on our website! https://pollution.theglobaltech.org/

See this video about our project! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5diupKrQ3Uc


In order to predict the effect of climate change on various countries and regions around the world, we have developed a model using regression to predict future average carbon dioxide levels. We plan add more features in the future, and to scale this to specific cities as opposed to just countries. Please see the references section to view the databases and frameworks used for this project.

Credits and References

This project was developed during the Augmented Hacks Hackathon. https://www.augmentedhacks.org/

For a further list of references, see here. https://github.com/alantian2018/Augmented_Hacks/blob/main/References.md